Kwantu Volunteering



For all your activities and welfare during your stay with us, we have specific outdoor and indoor coordinators to look after you. Please note that during your stay at Kwantu Private Game Reserve, you should endeavor to maintain a professional working relationship with all staff.

Indoor coordinators are responsible for items such as your accommodation, transfers, orientation, excursions, meals, laundry, and any other related issues. If you have any problems in any one of the above mentioned, please do not hesitate to approach the indoor coordinator on duty or reception area to speak to our front office manager.

These are the coordinators that you will be working with on a day to day basis for all your daily outdoor activities. They are specially trained in their field and any questions on wildlife and fauna and flora can be directed at them. If you are not comfortable or you are unable to do any activity planned for the day, please do not hesitate to approach your coordinator.

All your day to day activities are shown on the itinerary which is always displayed on the notice board and can also be requested from the indoor coordinator. The itinerary will show you what activity your group will be doing and at what time. If you have any suggestions, you are also free to discuss with us. Please also take note that this is merely an outline and will change from time to time due to the dynamic factors explained above.

You will start work at approximately 0830 and finish at approximately 1630 Monday to Friday. Your day is broken up into three parts which are as follows (please note that the morning times do change depending on Summer/ Winter times):

08h30- 09h30 Activities

10h00-13h00 Activities

14h00-16h30 Activities

Your coordinators start work at 07h00 and between 07h00 and 08h30 they will be either feeding the horses, busy in the touch farm or at the workshop. You are free to join them

during this period if you so wish. These times are subject to change depending on the activities for the day.

Breakfast – 09h30 – 10h00

Lunch – 13h00 – 14h00

Supper – 18h00 – 19h00

Our basic breakfast consists of cereals, bread, butter, jam, tea, coffee and cheese, but sometimes we serve eggs, sausages or baked beans, and sometimes a combination of the above.

As for lunch and dinner we have a wide variety ranging from burgers, chicken and chips, vegetarian dishes, potato casserole and so on (so you definitely won’t go hungry!).

Please note that all meals are served at the Mafusa dining area, and no cooking is allowed in any of the kitchen/ kitchenette areas.

Selected meals can be served at our 5 star hotel by invitation of our CEO only, and in such cases we ask that you adhere to the dress code of the hotel which is casual and respectable.

You will be housed in either our Kubs Quarters or Mafusa Camp dorms. Our dorms are single sex dorms and therefore no boys are allowed in the girls dorms and no girls in boys dorms. In cases where volunteers want to stay as a couple, this can be arranged at an extra cost and also depends on the availability of rooms, unless arrangements were made prior to arrival.

You will be provided with laundry services on a Tuesday and Thursday and will be allocated one of these two days.

All laundry will be charged at a nominal fee per load and laundry should be handed to your indoor coordinator before 07h30. No laundry will be taken after 07h30. You will get your laundry back the following day and Kwantu accepts no responsibility for any losses or damages to these items.

You will also get internet services between 09h00-10h00, 13h00-14h00 and 19h00-20h00. Internet facilities are available at our Pollards Inn Hotel business centre. The hotel receptionist will assist you with the computer and there will be a nominal charge for this service. Our internet service varies from day to day due to our service provider (the only one in SA) and we would appreciate your patience in this regard.

You will each get a Kwantu T/shirt and a Kwantu Cap as part of your uniform. Please note these items are for free and if you would like extra Kwantu branded items, this can be arranged at an extra cost depending on availability.

On weekends we send you out for excursions between Saturday and Sunday. Our excursions are to Port Elizabeth. On these excursions please note that Kwantu will only provide you with accommodation and transport to and from your destination. Accommodation will be in dorms and if you would like to upgrade yourself, volunteers are welcome to do so but at your own cost.

For those participating in our Garden Route tours, the weekend excursion is not included as you will be going to Port Elizabeth at the start of your Garden Route portion.

Volunteers are also free to organize their own excursion, but this will be at your own cost. Please note that should you do so, then please sign out at reception and note that we will not make any transport or accommodation arrangements.

You are also free to stay behind during the weekends to relax and unwind at Kwantu.

On Sunday when coming back from weekend excursions, please adhere to the pick up times. If you are not there when the vehicles depart, you will make your own transport arrangements from town to Kwantu at your own account.

We would like to remind all participants that they should be alert while off the reserve as well as stick to safe areas such as beaches that have lifeguards and other establishments that are well known and in a busy area. Please also travel in groups where possible and ensure that you have our emergency details at all times.

Kwantu runs scheduled transfers to and from the airport since we are about 85km from Port Elizabeth. Some of you would have realized that on your arrival you had to wait for

other volunteers arriving later due to the scheduled transfer. The same might also happen with your return transfers. All volunteers will depart at the same time and this will be determined by the times of the earliest flight.

If your flight is departing early the next morning, you will be taken to a lodge in town where you can spend the night and be fresh for your flight the next morning.

If you are not comfortable with leaving on the scheduled transfer, please note a transfer can be organized for you at an extra cost and depending on availability.

Our scheduled transfers normally run as follows (roughly as times might change slightly to accommodate volunteers):

Sunday- Port Elizabeth to Kwantu (departs 4PM)

Kwantu to Port Elizabeth (departs 6PM)

(the Sunday shuttles to Kwantu are only for retuning volunteers, as new arrivals only start on the Monday)

Monday- Port Elizabeth to Kwantu (departs 4PM)

Saturday- Kwantu to Port Elizabeth (departs 9AM)

Should you be departing on the Monday or later, you will have the choice of going in for the weekend excursion and staying over in Port Elizabeth on the Sunday night, or spending your last weekend on Kwantu and returning to PE on Sunday afternoon to spend the night there.

Please note that if you are not arriving by plane on your day of arrival, please make arrangements to meet us at the following address no later than 3pm:

Al Beit Lodge

49 Admiralty Way


Port Elizabeth

Tel: +27 41 583 6415


Should you not be there when the vehicles depart, you can make your own transport arrangements from Port Elizabeth to Kwantu at your own account.

Please note that should you elect to stay in Port Elizabeth before your departure flight, then the trip from your accommodation to the airport will be at your own cost. Alternatively, you would need to fall in with the scheduled transfers.

There are some areas which are strictly no go areas on your own. Areas like our predator enclosures and the greater game reserve. You will need to have a coordinator with you to visit these areas. For your safety please adhere to this rule.

Our gates are locked from 7pm to 7am the following morning and will not be opened during these times.

Please note that you are working out in the wild where there are a many insects and life forms. It is important for you to do a bodily daily bodily check to ensure that you have not brought any of these creatures home with you. Please alert our staff (co-ordinators or front office staff) should you feel the need to be medically examined or require first aid attention. Please note that we at Kwantu are aware of certain people who come with pre-existing medical conditions, but we are not a medical centre and therefore would advise you to ensure that you have enough medical supplies and to advise your co-ordinator of your condition in case of emergencies.

There are a few simple rules which we ask you to observe during your stay with us. All of these the rules are displayed on the notice boards (and are available from our indoor coordinator). Some of these rules are listed below:

  • Kwantu is a strictly non alcoholic environment (should we find alcohol on any person, we will not hesitate to remove you from the premises without any compensation – this is for your own safety!)
  • Please do not smoke when you are around animals
  • No smoking inside dorms
  • All dorms are single sex dorms. It is not allowed to entertain the opposite sex or Kwantu staff in your respective dorms.

If you want to share your photos of your experience with us, you can contact our indoor coordinator and they will be happy to download these photos for you. We have a multiple card reader which can read most of the memory cards, so you don’t need to worry about that. We will use these photos for marketing purposes and for our “volunteer experience board”. So we will be happy if you would share these with us.

Please note that Kwantu does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to money or valuables. You are welcome to speak to us about the safe keeping of your valuables if you are concerned about them. Kwantu does provide lockers which can store your items, but please make use of us should you feel the need to do so.

Kwantu will from time to time reward hard workers in different ways. So, please always try your best as you or your group could be the next prize winner/s.

Here at Kwantu we have a dedicated team to look after you. So please treat your coordinators as your first port of call for any questions. If you are still unsure or concerned, you are welcome to chat to our front office manager who will be more than happy to assist you.

There are public telephones available for use at the reserve. Telephone cards can be obtained from the local shop or when you go out for excursions on weekends in town. From time to time however, the lines in the area are down due to inquisitive elephants pushing down the poles on neighboring properties.

Please store these numbers in your phone for emergency purposes.

Kwantu Front Office (24hrs): +27 42 203 1400

Mr. Logan (general/ logistics): +27 83 739 4589

Big 5 Hands on Interaction and Conservation

We would like to remind you that you will be working on a Big 5 game reserve where the Big 5 are all in their natural state and free-roaming. Therefore, please understand that you will not physically interact with ‘the wild’ Big 5.

Kwantu engages in extensive conservation programmes of which you will participate in. this is important as without our conservation efforts, wildlife in this area will not be sustainable.

Remember that the amount of information you receive at Kwantu is in your hands. If you don’t ask questions, you will never know. We do try to disseminate as much information as possible and always appreciate questions which benefit yourself and the group as a whole.

Should you be staying an extended period of time with us, or be in SA for a number of weeks, make sure that your visa covers this length of time or your time in South Africa. We will try to assist you shall this not be the case.

We are here to ensure that you have the most amazing time of your life. So please feel free to chat to us (at the reception/ indoor coordinator) if you have any suggestions or complaints…we are also happy to accept compliments as well. People volunteer for different reasons, so if you feel you would like us to give you more/less of something, feel free to talk to our coordinators and we will try to assist you.

Whilst we here at Kwantu Game Reserve try to ensure that each and every volunteer honoring us with their presence leaves with a fulfilling, exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience, your experience with us will depend on your frame of mind and what you make of it.

We have a dedicated volunteer department consisting of no less than twenty support staff to assist you in realizing your goals and objectives while with us.

On a final note, we would like to wish you an enjoyable stay with us and to remind you that you form an integral part of our wildlife and conservation efforts and that you will be leaving behind a legacy for many, many generations to come.

Kwantu Private Game Reserve offers Gap Year Students and Volunteers taylor-made all inclusive packages.

Please complete the Volunteer Registration Enquiry Form and one of our sales team will respond shortly with our Packages and Promotions.

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Terms & Condition
   Big 5 volunteering      (2 weeks +)  R8 395.00 per person per week
Game ranger course (8 week course)  R67 345.00 per person per course
  Hospitality Internship (2 weeks +)  395 USD per person per week
  Veterinary Internship (2 weeks +)  R9 075.00 per person per week
  Garden Route Tour (1 weeks add on)  R13 575.00 per person per week
  Out of hours transfer (one way)  105 USD per person (one way)
Additional nights   90 USD per person per night