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Live surrounded by wildlife. Travel to the rustic land known as Kwantu where wild creatures roam. Learn valuable conservation lessons in the field.

The Kwantu Volunteer Project is an exceptional hands-on learning experience in the African bush. Experience wild safari rides, immerse yourself in local culture, and get closer to nature, while you gain experience that you will take with you for the rest of your life.

To top it all off, we have a brilliant community outreach programme. Our volunteers assist at a local rural farm school by providing food prepared by our chefs. Come and make a real difference and have fun doing so!


Kwantu runs as a game reserve, which means we respect the habitat and animals that inhabit the land, first and foremost…and above all else.

This respect comes across in all that we do, from how we treat the land; utilizing ethical conservational practices, how we live, and also how we care for our people that give so much of their time to ensure the well-being of our animals.

Kwantu is all about learning from the land, building our knowledge and developing skills that you can take with you wherever you head to next, whether it is a career in conservation, adventure tourism, or veterinary care.

Working as ‘assistant conservation managers’ you will contribute toward the overall quality of the reserve and data that you collect will actually be utilized by management to help make important conservation decisions that impact the environment. So you can be assured that you are making a difference in the lives of our precious animals.

A day at Kwantu equals a lifetime of memories…

Wake with the dawn as the kingfisher plunges into a reflecting pool and emerges with a meal. Stretch like the cheetah waking in the savannah bushveld as you start your day living, learning and doing your part in ensuring the smooth running of the reserve.

Spend your time working alongside Africa’s big 5 and marvel at the wonders that are living, breathing and thriving in the bushveld and endless skies beyond.

Evenings are spent reflecting on the lessons learnt from actually taking part in the care and rehabilitation of the land, and the animals that call Kwantu their home.

Experience a real life game reserve environment as you learn about the indigenous fauna and flora of the Eastern Cape. Volunteering at Kwantu is a once in a lifetime opportunity that few will ever experience but that will live on in your memory for years to come.



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La Experiencia Completa Safari


El Lugar de Encuentro!


Aquí, una mezcla mística de la naturaleza y la historia te espera. Situado en el corazón de un libre de malaria Cabo Oriental en el legendario Sidbury Plains, un Big 5 de aventura africana comienza donde se puede experimentar la hospitalidad de cinco estrellas y disfrutar de la tranquilidad pura que la reserva tiene que ofrecer.

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Kwantu is a very nice place. I have learned so many things and the rangers are really cool!
Stine Dinamarca