Kwantu Family Volunteering Experience

Get you and your family the best safari and wildlife conservation experience in South Africa.

The family volunteering will commence as of 2020, and will run on set start dates as follows:

  • 17 February 2020
  • 13 April 2020
  • 27 July 2020
  • 10 August 2020
  • 19 October 2020

The above dates have been used to accommodate the European holiday period, which the families will most likely travel during.

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The family volunteering program is setup for those families that would like to experience nature, as well as make a difference in wildlife and conservation efforts.

While the program welcomes families with children of all ages, the recommended age group is 10+ for children, as this will allow them to get involved in most wildlife and conservation activities.

Kwantu does however consider younger participants, but on a group basis i.e. school/ youth group with chaperones/ teachers.

The family program would run from the Monday, being the arrival date, with Tuesday as the orientation (facilities, game drive etc). This then leaves Wed, Thurs and Friday for volunteering activities, which will include planting of trees, animal monitoring, hike (child friendly), touch farm activities etc. Saturday morning will be the last game drive and departure from Kwantu will be at 11am back to PE (end date/ time of the program).

Scheduled transfers (one to the reserve and one back to PE/ airport – 2 trips in total)

• Orientation on arrival
• Kwantu cap
• Kwantu t-shirt
• Accommodation
• Meals while on the reserve
• Beverages with meals
• Weekend Excursions (transport and accommodation only)
• FGASA Study Material (level 1)
• FGASA Registration (level 1)
• First Aid Level 1
• FGASA Training
• FGASA examination (theory)

The program offered will be either on a 5 or 7 day program, with set start dates (although we will later on roll out other program length options i.e. between 3 days and 14 days).

The set start dates will be structured around the school holiday period, and will also allow families to interact with each other, allowing for an enhanced experience.

The family rooms will be separate en-suite rooms, and will be sufficient for 2 adults and 2 children per room. These rooms will of course have their own TV etc, to make them comfortable for families, and will be of the same quality as the newly completed non-family sharing rooms.

Initial pricing would be as follows (special introductory pricing until end 2020):

  • Adults     (16+)    – R13350 per person per week (Monday – Saturday)
  • Children (10-15) – R6675 per person per week on the sleeper couch  (Monday – Saturday)
    • Children above 16 will be charged the full rate, and will be given their own sharing room.

Please note that this program has been designed to run separately from the normal volunteer program and will therefore ensure that the accommodation, activities and meals are separate. Therefore, this program should be considered as a hybrid between our full on guest and full on volunteer program, incorporating the best of both.