Kwantu is used to catering for larger groups. We have various camps and dorms that are ideal for group travel of any size.

We are aware of the time constraints and limitations that come with travelling in large groups and we will ensure that you can also enjoy a truly African experience and can offer various packages based on the needs and interests of your group.

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If you want to make a difference to the lives of animals, as well as the environment, while experiencing a range of activities, then this is the place for you.

As we try to give volunteers an insight into life on a game reserve, we vary the type of possible
activities. These activities include:

• Game Capture
• Game Counting
• Lion Monitoring
• Removal of Alien Vegetation
• Planting of Indigenous Trees
• Assisting in the Caring of Orphaned Animals
• Fence and Anti-poaching Patrols
And much, much more

• Scheduled Transfers (one to the reserve and one back to PE/ airport – 2 trips in total)
• Orientation on arrival
• Kwantu Cap
• Kwantu T-shirt
• Accommodation
• Meals while on the reserve
• Beverages with meals
• Weekend Excursions (Transport and Accommodation Only)

• 2 weeks + (starts on any Monday and ends on any Sunday)

Can I upgrade my accommodation to either sleep alone or share with a partner?
Yes, this is no problem at an additional fee. Please however check availability with us as it is not always available.

What if I arrive/ want to travel out of the scheduled times?
This is no problem at an additional fee

What is the age limit?
18+, however, we do sometimes allow younger volunteers (16+) with the correct paperwork and when we are not too busy as they normally require extra attention.

Can I play with lion cubs?
Kwantu has a strict no interaction/ touching policy, as all animals would ultimately be rewilded. Additionally, Kwantu does not breed with predators and administers contraceptives to avoid breeding.

Can I do a private excursion while at Kwantu i.e. leave for a few extra days during my time?

Yes, we have a private excursion form which they normally fill out and are welcome to explore SA should they wish to.

Latest Kwantu Initiative Support


Kwantu Private Game Reserve is a proud sponsor of the Extended School Program at Hendrik Kanise Combined School in Alicedale, Eastern Cape. Kwantu delivers meals for after school learning curriculum two or three times a week. Kwantu Volunteering Team was also proud pleased to be a part of this great initiative.

Please see below pictures taken at the school