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Terms & Conditions

01.  All bookings are to be made via our central reservations on +27 42 203 1400 or by emailing us on reservations@kwantu.co.za.

02.  Full and final payment to be made by no later than 30 days prior to arrival for single bookings and 90 days prior for group bookings (10+ participants).

03.  Bookings are only taken as confirmed once payment has been received in full.

04.  All bookings are subject to availability, and Kwantu reserves the right to cancel bookings if not timeously confirmed, with proof of payment.

05.  Certain guests may be upgraded, subject to availability and the discretion of the manager on duty at the time, and depending on availability.

06.  Rooming lists to be supplied as soon as possible

07.  In instances of different accommodation types are used due to the size of the group, it is incumbent upon “The Agent” to communicate this to the clients as well as guide us regarding the rooming list. Any anomalies which may arise out of this will be for “The Agents” attention as all of the accommodation is 5 star.

08.  Kwantu Game Reserve is not liable for the loss of electricity to its property, due to the fact that South Africa faces constant power surges due to the aging national power grid.

09.  We reserve the right to alter the rates with prior notice or cancel bookings not paid for without prior notice.

10.  100% cancellation fee applies to bookings cancelled within 45 days for groups and 30 days for FITs, unless otherwise discussed.

11. ”The Agent” is liable for full and final payment of all of its groups, according to written correspondence as is received by Kwantu Game Reserve from time to time.

12.  Kitchen access, should it be required, must be made in writing to Kwantu Game Reserve and is subject to mutual agreement with respect to rates, availability, goods and utensils, and other related issues.

13.  Kwantu Game Reserve indemnifies itself from all liability of whatsoever nature as per our indemnity

form, which is available on request, and “The Agent” warrants that their tour guide/ leader is responsible for the group.

14.  Kwantu Game Reserve does not accept any responsibility for any losses, damage or inconvenience caused to the Supplier due to, but not limited to, power or municipal water failures, force majeure, Acts of Gods or any other cause.

15.  Kwantu Game Reserve strives to improve its facilities on an ongoing basis and consequently refurbishments and/or building operations can be expected from time to time. Every effort will be taken to ensure that no inconvenience is caused to the Supplier and/or guests. Kwantu Game Reserve shall however not be liable to the Supplier or any other person/s for any inconvenience, damage or loss caused by such refurbishments and/or building operations.

16.  Confidentiality off all correspondence and rates applies.

17.  All payments to be made by the Supplier to Kwantu Game Reserve shall be made free of bank charge or commission, without deduction, demand or set-off.

18.  Kwantu Game Reserve may cede and/or assign any of its rights and/or obligations in terms of this Contract to any third party, with the Supplier hereby giving its prior consent thereto.

19.  This Contract shall represent the entire agreement between Kwantu Game Reserve and the Supplier in respect of the subject matter hereof and no alternations and/or additions shall be of any force and/or effect unless agreed to by both parties, reduced to writing and signed by Kwantu Game Reserve and the Supplier.

20.  No indulgence, extension of time, relaxation or latitude which Kwantu Game Reserve may allow to the Supplier shall constitute a waiver by Kwantu Game Reserve of any of its rights, nor act as an estoppel against Kwantu Game Reserve in respect of any of its rights and/or remedies.

Should you require additional information or further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Please Note:

When off duty you are free to leave the premises. However, it is vital and compulsory that you report to the volunteer programme coordinators when you are leaving and where you are going as well as your expected time of return. We are glad to have you with us at Kwantu and your well-being is of the utmost importance to us.

Your home while at Kwantu is the single sex dormitory (Kwantu Kubs Quarters). While we understand that as part of your visit to a foreign land, you wish to learn about and experience the different cultures, we must point out that it is not permitted to entertain the opposite sex – either volunteers or Kwantu staff – in your respective dormitories.

Excursions are conducted by Kwantu during the weekends. Please note that any excursions planned by yourself out of the designated days cannot be claimed at the end of your stay as extra “lost out” days.

We kindly ask that you respect all animals as being dangerous as you will be staying on a big 5 game reserve. All areas within the village of Sidbury are relatively safe and you can walk around freely. But please note that you should not leave the confines of the town unaccompanied or at night without the necessary supervision.


A deposit of 50% of the total accommodation charge is required to secure reservations.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 21 days prior to arrival 75% of full amount
  • 14 days prior to arrival 50% of full amount
  • 7 days prior to arrival 25% of full amount



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