Kwantu Volunteer Programme


Please note the following:

When off duty you are free to leave the premises. However, it is vital and compulsory that you report to the volunteer programme coordinators when you are leaving and where you are going as well as your expected time of return. We are glad to have you with us at Kwantu and your well-being is of the utmost importance to us.

Your home while at Kwantu is the single sex dormitory (Kwantu Kubs Quarters). While we understand that as part of your visit to a foreign land, you wish to learn about and experience the different cultures, we must point out that it is not permitted to entertain the opposite sex – either volunteers or Kwantu staff – in your respective dormitories.

Excursions are conducted by Kwantu during the weekends. Please note that any excursions planned by yourself out of the designated days cannot be claimed at the end of your stay as extra “lost out” days.

We kindly ask that you respect all animals as being dangerous as you will be staying on a big 5 game reserve. All areas within the village of Sidbury are relatively safe and you can walk around freely. But please note that you should not leave the confines of the town unaccompanied or at night without the necessary supervision.

A complete first aid box is available at the reserve and can be accessed by the volunteer programme coordinators. We do have trained staff on site to see to minor injuries and bruises.

For more serious problems, you will be taken to the closest doctor or medical centre.The cost of all doctors’ visit and medication will be for your own account.

Volunteers will be provided with the following items of clothing which are to be worn on the reserve:

1 x Kwantu T-Shirt
1 x Kwantu Peak Cap

Or as otherwise decided by the MD of the Volunteer Program dependant on the duration of your stay as well as the time of year.

If at any time you have certain queries, please do not hesitate to contact the volunteer programme coordinators.