Get exposed to real life wildlife care.

Learn what it is like to be a wildlife doctor. The Kwantu Veterinary Experience Program gives participants exposure to hands on wildlife veterinary work, animal and reserve management, as well as, preventative care techniques and practices.

Please Note: Our programs are highly dependent on external factors, which are out control, and therefore no particular activity can be guaranteed.

If you want to make a difference to the lives of animals, as well as the environment, while experiencing a range of activities, then this is the place for you.

As we try to give volunteers an insight into life on a game reserve, we vary the type of possible
activities. These activities include:

• Game Capture
• Game Counting
• Lion Monitoring
• Removal of Alien Vegetation
• Planting of Indigenous Trees
• Assisting in the Caring of Orphaned Animals
• Fence and Anti-poaching Patrols
And much, much more

• Scheduled Transfers (one to the reserve and one back to PE/ airport – 2 trips in total)
• Orientation on arrival
• Kwantu Cap
• Kwantu T-shirt
• Accommodation
• Meals while on the reserve
• Beverages with meals
• Weekend Excursions (Transport and Accommodation Only)

• 2 weeks + (starts on any Monday and ends on any Sunday)

Can I upgrade my accommodation to either sleep alone or share with a partner?
Yes, this is no problem at an additional fee. Please however check availability with us as it is not always available.

What if I arrive/ want to travel out of the scheduled times?
This is no problem at an additional fee

What is the age limit?
18+, however, we do sometimes allow younger volunteers (16+) with the correct paperwork and when we are not too busy as they normally require extra attention.

Can I play with lion cubs?
Kwantu has a strict no interaction/ touching policy, as all animals would ultimately be rewilded. Additionally, Kwantu does not breed with predators and administers contraceptives to avoid breeding.

Can I do a private excursion while at Kwantu i.e. leave for a few extra days during my time?

Yes, we have a private excursion form which they normally fill out and are welcome to explore SA should they wish to.