Volunteer & Adventure Experiences

Volunteer & Adventure Experiences


Kwantu is used to catering for larger groups. We have various camps and dorms that are ideal for group travel of any size.


Participants gain exciting hands-on work experience and they can ultimately manage a team of hospitality professionals working in various departments.


A full family safari and conservation experience

Stalactites and stalagmites in the Botha Hall, Cango Caves

Experience everything that SA has to offer ranging from a big 5 safari wildlife and conservation volunteering experience to a trip along the famous garden route, to finally the mother city, Cape Town.

Lion treatment and translocation

The program is designed for those that are interested in getting a glimpse of what veterinary science is all about, while also getting involved in wildlife and conservation experiences. This can be deemed a pre-vet program and does not require any prior knowledge or experience on the subject.


The Kwantu Academy is an academy of training aspiring hopefuls into becoming vibrant game rangers and field guides. The Field Guide course is an 8-week course and is fully accredited by FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa). The program has set start dates, which dates are selectable.



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